Build your team.

Meet your deadlines. Create training that gets results.

You need good people to get the job done. Every day we produce training solutions, so we know how you feel! Allow us to help you find exceptional talent to augment your team. We love this work and we're ready to help.

“I have worked with SweetRush and Rodrigo for many years, and I trust them and count on them, and they never let me down.”

—Douglas E. Miller, Director, Learning and Awareness

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RolesWe Place

Our learning and development professionals are experienced, vetted, available, and ready to augment your team in these roles:


LMS Administrators


Training Facilitators

graphic designer

Graphic Designers

instructional designer

Instructional Designers


Project Managers



We’re also adept at securing difficult-to-find Subject Matter Experts.

Howwe work with you

Your time is valuable. We take the lead—so you can focus on your job.

step 1
Ann Cathers
SweetRush L&D recruiter
You're in the hands
of an expert.

Meet Ann Cathers, a SweetRush L&D recruiter! Our experienced recruiters partner with you to understand your business needs.

step 2
We'll craft your
job profile.

Need help writing a job description? We have the expertise to be your copilot or take the lead.

step 3
We'll screen to find
ideal candidates.

Let us do the time-consuming work of screening and interviewing. We’ll proctor assessments and present the best candidates.

step 4
You'll interview and select
your perfect-fit talent.

We choose candidates who have the skills and experience you need. Many of our clients only need to interview one candidate!

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WhyWork With Us?
We Do This Work!

Whoever is doing recruiting for you should have a true understanding of the learning and development work you do.
SweetRush is an innovative and groundbreaking learning and talent development solution provider with a 20-year track record of effective solutions and happy clients. Our depth of experience means we will quickly understand your specific needs and find the right nuanced talent profile to fit those needs.
SweetRush’s Talent Solutions team has one agenda: to source and place great talent when our clients—like you—need to augment their teams.

5 More ReasonsYou'll Love Working With Us

The SweetRush Talent Solutions team is exceptionally good at attracting
top instructional designers who will fit your needs and culture.
Click on the cards to learn more!

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Under pressure? We get it—and here’s how we help.
We are constantly working under time pressure ourselves, and we excel at finding people who can meet that challenge. Bringing extra hands on board will build your capacity and help you develop and deploy projects faster.
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How we treat candidates reflects on you—so we treat them extremely well.
One happy candidate will be chosen to augment your team, but hundreds will be rejected. At SweetRush, we are obsessive about treating people kindly and with consideration and empathy. We will represent you and your brand the way you’d want it to be.
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Remote talent? We know how to make it work—fully remote 11 years, unified and successful.
You will not encounter a more unified, connected, and high-performing team (200 people strong!)—and we’ve been 100% remote since 2009. We know remote work and how to set up remote talent and teams for success.
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Recruiting is an essential part of your diversity initiatives—we’ve got the talent.
We’re dedicated to creating equitable and inclusive workplaces, seeking out diverse talent through our recruiting practices. From instructional designers with DEIB expertise, to experienced facilitators who can guide conversations on sensitive topics, to gender-neutral voice-over talent, we can deliver the right talent for you.
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Why is the SweetRush logo a heart? Because we care!
We live in a complicated world in the best of times, and now we all share added layers of uncertainty and stress. We feel it and we know you do. Since the day we opened in 2001, we’ve focused on caring and empathy. Now more than ever, all of us need to be united and take care of each other, and you can always count on us to act accordingly.
A Message From
Rodrigo Salazar-Kawer
who heads up our Talent Solutions team:
It's a pleasure to say hello and hopefully connect soon. I love that my life and career landed me at SweetRush, where every day I impact the lives of motivated people: our clients and talent who share a love of our craft. Every day I hear from clients about their frustrations and the difficulty of finding great people with the right skills and attitude. Let me end by saying this is my and my team's full time focus, we are good at it, and I am sure we can help you bring on great people to overcome your L&D challenges.
Meet Rodrigo
Director of Talent Solutions
This is our focus, and if you need talent, we can help.
Please reach out. It would truly make my day to hear from and help you.
All the best,